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How A lot Does a Mosquito Keep an eye on Carrier Value?


A furnace blower motor is a crucial a part of your furnace device. The element forces the heated or cooled air in the course of the vents into the home to satisfy your required temperature for at ease dwelling.

So, in case it will get broken, you want to fix it or exchange it. Repairing isn’t the most suitable choice for the longer term because the blower motor will stay nerve-racking you, costing you extra ultimately. Click on right here to discover ways to test in case your furnace blower motor is broken from the professionals at Anderson Air.

Your best choice is to switch the misguided blower motor with a brand new one. So, you’ll be questioning, “how a lot is a blower motor for a furnace?”.

Emblem new furnace blower motors charge about $100 to $2,000. However after all, its value varies in line with the kind, measurement, and logo of the furnace blower motor.

What Is A Blower Motor?


A furnace blower motor is likely one of the portions (parts) within the furnace device chargeable for blowing air out of the vents in your house. The blower motor blows scorching air thru your furnace ductwork, circulating it thru all rooms in your home, making sure that each one room temperature meets the set temperature within the thermostat.

Kinds of blower motors

Furnace blower motors are available 3 varieties:

  • The one-speed furnace blower motor

Is the least effective blower motor. It has one level of heating outputs.

  • The 2-stage (multi-speed) furnace blower motor

Even if each (unmarried and two-stage blower motors) blow air at complete capability when working, the two-stage is extra effective than the single-speed blower motor. It disperses the heated air extra successfully right through your home (your home warms up sooner).

  • The variable velocity furnace blower motor

That is the most productive furnace blower motor. It operates extra silently at each decrease and better speeds. And on account of this, there may be extra clean airflow and a greater steadiness between humidity and temperature. With a variable furnace blower motor, you’ll set your thermostat at other temperatures for various places of the premises, expanding calories potency.

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Value: the variable velocity furnace blower motor prices greater than its opposite numbers.

What Influences the Worth of a Furnace Blower Motor?


So, how a lot is a blower motor for a furnace? Neatly, the blower motor for furnace charge varies in line with the next components:

1. Motor efficiency

Unmarried-speed furnace blower motors charge about $100 to $325. The multi-speed blower motors charge about $ 190 to $600, whilst the very effective variable-speed furnace blower motors charge about $500 to above $1,000.

2. Furnace blower motor logo

In relation to the price of a blower motor for furnace gadgets, it additionally relies on the emblem you purchase. Each and every logo provides a choice of quite a lot of sizes and specs at sure costs.

You pay for the extra standard manufacturers like Trane, York, Service, and Lennox than for different little-known generic or common furnace blower motors that experience the similar efficiency efficiencies and functions.

Underneath is a spread of the costs for some standard blower motor manufacturers

Emblem Value (USD/$)
Goodman $75 to $800
Rheem $250 to $900
Lennox $150 to $1,500
Trane $175 to $1,500
Service $100 to $1,600
York $150 to $1,800


Observe: That you must purchase a furnace blower motor that’s the identical logo as your present furnace device for compatibility functions.

3. Motor measurement

The scale and the price of your furnace blower motor are without delay proportional. You’ll pay extra for a blower motor that has a larger horsepower.
Blower motors come in several sizes, starting from 1/6 horsepower to one horsepower.

  • ¼ horsepower prices about $100 – $550
  • ⅓ horsepower prices about $100 – $800
  • ½ horsepower prices about $120 – $1,000
  • ¾ horsepower prices about $175 – $1,500
  • 1 horsepower prices about $250 – $2,000
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4. Heating levels

Unmarried-stage furnaces have single-speed or multi-speed motors, because of this they’re essentially the most inexpensive. Then again, two-stage furnaces have multi-speed or variable-speed motors, making them dearer.

And the variable velocity capability furnaces have variable velocity blower motors, which makes them the costliest.

5. PSC or ECM motors

ECM (Electrically commutated motors) are recurrently utilized by variable capability and maximum two-stage furnaces. They charge extra as a result of they’re quieter and energy-efficient.

Then again, PSC (everlasting break up capacitor) motors which are normally present in single-speed or multi-speed motors charge much less (are extra inexpensive) as a result of they’re much less effective.

6. Use of furnace

House-owned blowers charge not up to business furnaces. A house owner will spend much less purchasing a brand new furnace blower motor, whilst a business development proprietor will spend extra.

7. Value of set up

In case of set up or furnace blower motor alternative, you want to rent the services and products of a professional or skilled HVAC technician. Other technicians fee various charges. So, you want to have a price estimate from quite a lot of potential HVAC technicians ahead of opting for one this is cost-efficient or extra inexpensive.

Maximum technicians fee an hourly rate from $75 to $150. And as with maximum HVAC corporations, the exertions prices will building up or double within the evenings, on public vacations, on weekends, and throughout different non-business hours.

The most productive factor to do is to rent a technician who has a long-standing dating with you and robotically maintains your device. He’s going to subsidize his charges for you.

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How Lengthy Does A Emblem New Furnace Blower Motor Closing?

A brand new furnace blower motor‘s lifespan is equal to its furnace. The typical lifetime of a furnace is 10 to two decades. So long as you correctly care for your face and all its parts, your blower motor will last more.

Observe: When putting in a brand new furnace blower motor in your house, make sure that the motor’s capacitor suits the older style. You’ll be able to then insert the fan motor shaft into the blower wheel and organize the motor at the side of the housing. Now you’ll reinstall any portions you prior to now got rid of.


To reply to, “How a lot is a blower motor for a furnace?” $100 to $2,000. Furnace blower motors are inexpensive for every type of other folks. There are common fashions and standard manufacturers. Then there are the house varieties and the industrial ones. All you want to do is choose the most productive have compatibility for you referring to heating wishes (measurement of the home) and price.

Above all, all the time seek the advice of an HVAC technician to get the whole lot proper: purchasing the correct furnace blower motor and set up.